Huelling Up

I’ve seen Huel pop up in a few blogs in the past, but I never paid that much attention to it.

In my line of work, I see lots of protein shakes and weight loss shake being released into various markets so they all tend to blur together for me.

It wasn’t until I got a free sample that I actually realised that Huel is not positioned as either of these things. It’s intended as a nutritious meal replacement drink for people who don’t eat well. For example… people who are on the go a lot. Or people like me who snack a lot at work, buying ยฃ4 sandwiches from Pret because they can’t be bothered to make a packed lunch the evening before…

Don’t judge me ๐Ÿ˜“

I’m really making a strong effort to be active this year, so I want to put better things in my body. Huel powder can simply be mixed with water or milk (I prefer a combination of both) to create a shake that gives your body fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein and carbs.

From their website, I purchased a packet of powder and some sample packets of flavour boosts.

I received a free t-shirt and shaker bottle too.

Upon mixing up my very first shake, the first thing I noticed were the powdery clumps – bleurgh! The instructions say you should give it a good hard shake for 10 seconds, but that’s not enough. It clumps the same way hot chocolate powder does. And I was using one scoop less than the recommended dosage (2 scoops of powder instead of 3).

After reading advice online, I started mixing it in the evenings and leaving it to chill in the fridge overnight. This made a noticeable difference, making the texture of the shake thicker and creamier. But the powdery texture was still a problem for me.

Luckily I had just purchased a blender and so I tried adding Huel to smoothies made with fruit.

This definitely resulted in a smoother drink, but it still left a powdery texture in my mouth.

Following the advice online, I blended up my Huel in the evening and left it to chill in the fridge overnight. This was by far the best solution, although it’s still not 100% smooth. So I’ve just resigned myself to the fact it will always be a little powdery.

The flavour boosts are designed to make the drinks a bit more lively, which is handy if you have nothing else to add to it.

Some of these flavour boosts were completely ineffectual, like matcha, banana and chocolate mint. But the caramel and mocha ones were delightful, which is strange as I generally don’t like caramel. I found my favourite combination was a mix of plain powder with water and milk, supplemented with a mocha flavour boost and a shot of espresso (from work, so I’m not spending anything).

Now generally speaking, I would always favour a healthy home-cooked meal over a shake. Actual food is what my body understands and wants to receive. But for the office, Huel has allowed me to consume something nutritious at my desk. It saves me spending money on sandwiches and chocolate bars, mainly because I don’t need to think about that stuff anymore.

When I feel peckish, I gulp some Huel. Hmmmm what should I get for lunch? Nothing, because I have my Huel. I realise this makes me sound like I have no willpower… but to be honest 2018 was not a healthy year for me. I snacked the way smokers have a cigarette when they’re stressed. I’m not proud of it, but there it is.

I’ve been consuming Huel for a few weeks now and I’m quite happy with it. This may be completely unrelated, but I think it also helped me recover from a bad cold. Despite waking up feeling awful one weekend, I was still able to get in two solid days of DIY on our house. I wonder if that’s related to me nourishing my body with vitamins and minerals… or perhaps it was just the Red Bull I was sipping throughout the weekend ๐Ÿ˜›

So overall I’m happy with Huel. It’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly helping me out ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading, folks!

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