Making It Through

It has been a long, hard Q1 so far.

Pressure at work has been greater than I care to say. But with my new mindset for 2019, I’ve finally fought my way back.

I don’t see 2019 as a bad year. This year is what I make of it. So it hasn’t been bad… just tough. And I beat it.

So what’s next? Oh right… the rest of the year 😆 Well no-one ever said adulthood would be easy!

I’ve been enjoying my walks through the city even more lately. On both good days and bad, I’ve found my favourite skyline to be comforting… almost soothing.

A particularly nice memory from last month is hearing the surprise in my wife’s voice when she unwrapped her Valentine’s Day gift to see just how many Lush items I had bought her. I’m not certain but I think I bought up most of the seasonal range they were offering.

It’s the least she deserved. She has been encouraging and supportive during my work issues 🙂 To say nothing of the fact that she splurged and bought me a FitBit Charge 3 for Valentine’s Day!

This is a significant upgrade from my previous FitBit, the Alta. I’ll be writing a post about my experience with it in the future.

Another purchase I’ve been enjoying is my very first blender.

I know it’s not sexy or even that interesting, but I am genuinely thrilled to finally have a blender 😀 I’ve been wanting one for ages to make up healthy fruit smoothies to share with my son.

I was worried the noise might frighten him, but instead he gets a big thrill from seeing all the fruit get blended up.

He keeps pressing me with the words “Daddy make juice! Make juice!” It’s just a shame he’s not particularly interested in drinking any of it so far 😅

I also can’t wait to make up some alcoholic shakes for myself in the future 😈 I received a bottle of bourbon for Christmas that would be perfect in a variety of cocktails!

Other than that, life has been proceeding as normally as it can. There will be more struggles to come, I’m sure. But for now at least, I’m going to pop the lid off a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the end of all the stress while it lasts.

Cheers, everyone! 🙂

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