A Trip to Butlins

Gosh, it’s been a busy time lately.

Both my work and my personal life have been full to the point where I’ve found myself quite worn out… and in a couple of cases utterly fatigued.

The most fun thing, however, was a short break at Butlins Resort that was specifically designed for toddlers.

I consider this to be our son Zack’s first real holiday because it was the first one he was old enough to be fully aware of. He was even saying “holiday” in the days leading up to it.

Unfortunately, our experience with Butlins was tainted by a number of issues. The accommodation was not up to scratch and the weekend was not particularly well managed for toddlers, despite being specifically designed for them.

It would take too long to detail all my grievances here. Suffice to say that this holiday was for Zack and he had a good time, so I consider the trip to be a successful one.

We got to see some live shows featuring Paddington and Mr Tumble, which were quite fun.

The rides were a big hit with Zack.

But my favourite memory was his first taste of football. We booked a class for infants to learn the basics. We were supposed to stand with a group of other parents and children… but as soon as Zack got his own ball he was off down the pitch!

He just ran off by himself, kicking the ball as he went. I caught up with him and encouraged him to kick it into the empty goal… which he did! It was my son’s first goal 😃 (followed quickly by his second).

The look of joy on his face was worth the price of the trip alone. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can take him for kick-abouts at the park.

The funny thing about the trip was this… I was worried about not going to the gym, but as it turned out I got far more exercise than I normally would have!

For reference, a normal day at work followed by a gym session generally gets me 12,000-14,000 steps and 60-70 active minutes. I ended up destroying my weekly targets without even realising it!

Who needs a gym when you carry a toddler everywhere? 😅

Thanks for reading, folks!

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