This Night, You Need Not Walk Alone

Spoilers for Final Fantasy XIV

This week, the final story quests arrived on Final Fantasy XIV. This concludes the current season of the game that began with the launch of the Stormblood expansion two years ago.

I’m fairly sure that when I’m an old grey man, I’ll be still be fondly remembering my time on Stormblood. This expansion represents when FFXIV became so good that I could no longer deny it had overtaken Final Fantasy VII as my favourite game of all time.

The final story quests delivered another dramatic battle… albeit not quite as epic as the previous one.

Friends banded together and an old enemy was confronted.

Here are a few screenshots from the season finale.

The cliffhanger was a rather enigmatic one.

Multiple plot threads have been woven in preparation for the next game-sized expansion coming later this year.

Here’s to all the warriors of light and darkness out there!

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