Memories of the London 2012 Olympics

It was an unforgettable summer.

Upon returning from our wedding and a dream honeymoon, we had the Olympics to look forward to.

The cynics and tabloids were out in full force. But not even they could stem the rapturous applause given for every athlete who gave their all.

These were not millionaires. These were not footballers straddling the line between sportsman and celebrity superstar.

They were like us. Everyday people pushing themselves to their limits to represent their nation to the world.

We were lucky enough to visit the Oympic Park in Stratford and the ExCel Centre for the Paralympics.

The atmosphere during both was incredible. Electricity was in the air. There was plenty to see and do.

Relaxing on the grass outdoors was perfect.

No need for seated arenas when you have clement weather and an open sky for a roof.

We took to the streets of Central London to track down every Wenlock mascot placed around the city.

He came with us on our travels.

He even tried to grab my beer!

My favourite memory was swimming at the Paralympics.

One swimmer was left behind by over an entire length, but they didn’t give up. Even when they were the last one in the pool, they kept going and going.

We cheered at the top of our lungs to spur them onwards, and when they crossed the finish line… the thunderous applause was deafening.

This was the Britain I was proud to be a part of. Not one about borders and exclusion, but one about all nations of the world. About the human spirit.

For a brief time in 2012, it felt like we were truly united. It was an incredible summer. One that I will always cherish.


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