A Sunny Easter Break

Before 2018, London weather was notorious for being wet and miserable during bank holiday weekends (while sunny during the working week).

However, last year the rules changed. Suddenly, we were blessed by balmy weather and glorious sunshine. This year seems to be continuing that trend. While barely a week ago it was cold enough to see your breath, the four-day Easter weekend arrived with beautiful blue skies and hot sunshine 🙂

We spent Easter Friday at Morden Hall Park doing an Easter Egg hunt with Zack. The weather was beautiful and I soon regretted choosing jeans over shorts!

Zack rather enjoyed seeing ducks.

I swear it was pure coincidence that he and I wore matching colours! 😅

Hot weather means cold drinks! This is a lemon shochu highball, featuring real lemon juice and shochu spirit.

I also continued my penchant for creating my own cocktails. I call this one Easter Egg Nog.

It’s made with vanilla ice cream, Baileys liqueur, coffee liqueur, chocolate syrup, half a shot of espresso and milk blended with crushed ice. It was delicious!

The Easter weekend is all about indulging. I’m still trying to be relatively healthy… but what’s the point if you can’t let loose once in a while? 😈

I hope you’ve all had a great Easter break!

Thanks for reading, folks 🙂

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