Avengers Endgame

(contains massive spoilers)

At last we have arrived at the end of an 11 year story arc.

Avengers Endgame is an incredibly satisfying conclusion to not just the Infinity Stones story, but to a number of character arcs that go back as far as the earliest MCU movies such as Iron Man and Captain America.

What I loved is that all of the issues I had with Infinity War were completely fixed in Endgame. The film was not rushed at all. In fact it took a thankfully gratuitous amount of time with the characters and pivoted the story on how they were feeling.

Not only is this unusual for a big action blockbuster, but it celebrates what makes the movies truly great… the characters themselves and not just the spectacle.

It finally makes sense to me now why certain characters like Captain America felt short-changed in Infinity War while characters like Drax and Starlord were given room to breathe… because Drax and Starlord wouldn’t be around for Endgame and Cap would be.

Endgame also rectifies my problem with Infintiy War’s ending. I thought at the time that “the dusting” would have no lasting consequences, but due to the five year gap my assumption turned out to be wrong.

The movie wraps up character arcs very nicely. Ever since Iron Man 2, we’ve been aware of Tony’s somewhat unhealthy relationship with his father. Those hang-ups are concluded here in a heart-warming way. So is Cap’s longing for a place to call home and the fact he never got over the love of his life – Peggy Carter.

Chris Evans recently went on record saying his favourite fight scene as Cap is the elevator sequence in The Winter Soldier (which remains my favourite action scene in Phase 2). There is a tribute to that sequence that is executed so expertly, it would be easy to guess the same directors were responsible even if you didn’t know who the Russo Brothers were. It also leads to a nice in-joke for fans of the comics who kept saying “Cap could be secretly be a Hydra agent all this time.”

Endgame also brings back numerous actors and actresses from previous MCU films, who once again get to shine as part of something greater than one film. They’re part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All of these character beats make the film an absolute triumph. And that’s before we even get to the third act.

The final climactic battle is one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time, in my opinion. From seeing Captain America walk up to Thanos’s army alone… to Falcon’s reference to their first encounter “on your left” to the emergence of every protagonist… Avengers, Guardians, Wakandan tribes, Asgardian soldiers, Strange’s defenders of reality… literally everyone still alive shows up for the final battle. And it is GLORIOUS!

The audience were cheering and clapping at certain moments, which only added to the atmosphere. Watching this felt like watching cinematic history in the making.

Endgame comfortably goes into my second favourite film in the MCU (with Civil War in the top spot). I am genuinely thrilled with how it turned out. No matter where things go from here, this 22-movie arc will always be a splendid body of entertainment that I will cherish for decades to come.

Thank you Stan Lee, Kevin Feige, and everyone involved in making the MCU a reality.

We love you for it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Avengers Endgame

  1. I am such a Marvel fan and oh my god, the amount of tears I have shed for this movie and still shedding! Endgame was the most satisfying to watch because it was such an epic end to a saga built over 11 years in 22 movies. I still can’t believe it has come to an end…

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