The Hoodie Conversation

My son Zack is two years old and has taken a liking to his hoodies, even if it’s too warm to be wearing them.

Here is a conversation that transpired between us.

“Zack, can you take your hoodie off please?”

“No. Want my hoodie.”

“You don’t need your hoodie. It’s nice and warm today.”

“No, not warm. Raining.”

“It’s raining?”

“Yeah. Outside raining.”

“No it’s warm outside. Look – it’s sunny. Yay!”

“No. Playground all wet. Need my hoodie.”

“You’ll get too hot if you keep wearing it.”

“No. My not hot. My cold.”

“If you take your hoodie off, you can have a treat.”

“N-” A pause while he thinks about it. “Yeah, want treat. Please.”

“Good boy saying please! You can have a treat if you take your hoodie off.”

“Daddy take it off.”

“You can take it off yourself.”

“No. My hands gone.”

“Your hands are gone?”


“No they’re not. I can see them. They’re right there.”

“No. Hands gone Waitrose.”

“Your hands have gone to Waitrose?”


“I see.”

Oh how I love conversations with my son 😁


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