A Weekend of Celebration

What a weekend!

After the negative conclusion to my 11-years at work, the weekend was a joyous one shared with family and friends.


On my last day, I went out with friends. This involved cheap and cheerful food at McDonald’s mixed with rather generous amounts of alcohol at a couple of pubs.

I’m not usually the kind of guy to drink lots of alcohol. I was like that even before I became a father. But as a rare occasion, I have to admit that it was rather therapeutic to cut loose and have fun!


Saturday was my 7th wedding anniversary. I kicked it off with breakfast in bed for my wife.

The presents we exchanged followed the traditional rules so this year was cotton and wool.

I must admit, this wasn’t the simplest of pre-requisites for gift shopping but I managed to find a nice wool pashmina and gold plated copper jewellery for Elle.

Elle’s copper gifts were more interesting, consisting of copper cocktail mugs and a copper hip flask.

With our son Zack spending the night at his grandparents, Elle and I booked a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Little Bay in Croydon.

We loved it here last anniversary so we tried it again. I’d say this time was even better as we were given a balcony table all to ourselves! This afforded us more privacy than the rest of the restaurant and it felt cosy and welcoming.

I ordered exactly the same food as last year… which may not sound adventurous. But last year I was too full to enjoy all the delicious food, which is something I regretted.

Well not this time! I had a light lunch and didn’t order any starters at dinner. Thus, I was quite hungry when the food finally arrived and able to fully enjoy my exquisite halloumi burger and utterly sublime profiteroles, soothed down with a relaxing Japanese sencha tea.

After Elle went to bed, I was online with my buddies on my favourite videogame Final Fantasy XIV, playing into the early hours of the morning.

It was a real blast from the past to be able to do this. We had some great PVP matches!


Father’s Day 🙂

With everything that’s been happening lately, this was the thing I’d thought about the least. With Zack still at his grandparents, Elle and I had a lie-in (imagine that!).

I loved the Father’s Day cards I received. Zack had drawn on his one and I even received one from ‘the bump 😆

Very much in keeping with my love for Japan, Elle bought me some Roku gin. I’ve never been a big gin person but given it’s renaissance in the cultural zeitgeist, why not give this a shot? The botanicals alone made me intrigued as to how it would taste.

It is mildly sweet and has a wonderful aroma. The only issue is just how powerful a spirit gin is 😅 It hits me harder than anything else so only the tiniest sip is enough to mix with some tonic. People have said online that they drink it neat but I don’t think I could manage that!

After we picked up Zack, the rest of Sunday was spent with my parents and then Elle’s parents. This involved some delicious home cooked food, which included yet more profiteroles!

After the negativity weighing me down at work, this weekend felt like a well earned reward that blasted away all the turmoil.

I can’t fully express how grateful I am to be able to share my life with my family and friends, focusing on the things that matter.

If this is our only life, we’ve got to enjoy it. I mean we just got to. You can never tell when and how things will get bad again. Find the moments that are precious to you and savour them.

Thanks for reading, folks 🙂


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