Summer’s Coming

Unlike last year’s exquisite summer, the sunny season has had a few false starts this year.

There have been some cool and rainy days, followed by warm and humid rainy days.

This has made for some rather sticky drives for my son.

As a lot of parents know, a drive can be a very effective way of getting a child to nap when they need it.

And after two years of parenting, I know full well to come prepared while I’m stuck in the front seat. It can get boring without something to do!

It’s even better when you discover you left a little treat in the glove compartment for situations like this 🙂

This week, however, the clouds seem certain to pass and bring in the sunshine.

While I’m looking forward to a bit of natural vitamin D, it is going to prove quite uncomfortable for my two year old son and heavily pregnant wife. It’s already having an effect on poor Zack’s sleeping regime.

I’m getting ready for the coming weekend with fans, frozen bottles of water, and plenty of ice in the freezer.

Here comes the sun!

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