It could not be more fitting for Shadowbringers – a game about saving the world from scorching light – to be launched during London’s hottest weather of the year.

That’s right! After months of hype, the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers has arrived and it is wonderful wonderful wonderful.

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of booting up your PS4 to see the latest instalment has downloaded.

At this point I am only a few hours into it but the storytelling is brilliantly streamlined. By that, I mean it is detailed and thorough, but also flowing so it doesn’t feel slow or bogged down in exposition. The new locations also look and feel lovely.

I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into the developing story over the coming weeks and months.

For now, I simply must acknowledge the stellar media buzz for the game thus far. The previous two expansions for Final Fantasy XIV (Heavensward and Stormblood) did not garner nearly as much hype as Shadowbringers has in the months leading up to release.

But as FFXIV has steadily grown more popular over the years, Square Enix has been doing their best to educate potential newcomers about just how great the game is.

The most surprising element of the marketing campaign was an advert that dropped out of nowhere starring Tom Holland!

This floored me (and a lot of the FFXIV community). “They got Spider-Man to advertise an expansion to Final Fantasy XIV?” 😮 Well as it turns out, Tom himself has been a fan of the game since before his Hollywood career started. How awesome is that? 😀

Plus, the advert itself is just really good. It made me giggle a few times. The London reference is both funny and accurate and I loved the stinger at the end…

Square Enix also announced they are working on a live action TV series of FFXIV. That has me very excited! The main writer confirmed on Twitter that he’s been working on the project for over two years.

The last time Square Enix tried something like this was a series called Dad of Light, which was based on the true story of an estranged father reconnecting with his son through the social interactions of the game. The series is still available on Netflix and you can read my thoughts on it here.

Finally, the company has partnered with a Japanese restaurant called Shoryu to create a limited-time menu based on food and drink from FFXIV.

I am definitely looking forward to this! I’ve already booked a table for myself and Elle so I look forward to sharing my experience on here in the near future! Perhaps I’ll even wear my newest geeky t-shirt.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, folks! And if you’re a fellow player… I’ll see you on The First!

3 thoughts on “Shadowbringers

  1. All the screenshots I’ve seen from the expansion look absolutely lovely. I’m really not an MMO guy, but with art like that behind it, I’m finding myself tempted to visit.

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    1. The art style is beautiful 🙂 I hadn’t played an MMO at all before XIV relaunched on PS3 back in 2013. I tried it because I’m a huge FF fan and have loved it ever since! 🙂

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