Shoryu Bringers

Along with millions of fans across the globe, I’ve been playing Shadowbringers, the newest expansion to Final Fantasy XIV.

To celebrate the game’s launch, a restaurant called Shoryu created a special menu based on the game.

This was a rare treat and I’m really glad I went 🙂


My wife, Elle, had the Moogle Chicken Bun.

I went for the Moogle Pumpkin Bun, which is basically the vegetarian equivalent.

This was my favourite course of the meal. The chicken one was more satisfying than the pumpkin one, but both were delicious!


Elle went for the Bahamut Ramen.

I had the Meteor Survivor Ramen.

The Bahamut Ramen was the superior choice here, as the karaage chicken was more satisfying than the tofu in the Meteor Survivor. The Bahamut broth was also tastier.


Elle went for the Sweet Popoto Tart with Yuzu Ice Cream.

I had the Gyshal Matcha Cheesecake.

Yet again, Elle’s choice was the superior one. While my matcha cheesecake had a nice flavour, it was 90% cheese and 10% biscuit base. The richness of the cheese meant I couldn’t eat all of it. Elle’s yuzu ice cream, however, was light and refreshing with a delicious flavour.


Elle had the Ishgardian Tea while I had a Phoenix Down.

Both of these were tasty, although once again Elle’s choice proved to be the best one.

The best discovery of our meal, however, was my pint of frozen Kirin (part of the normal drinks menu).

This was utterly delightful 🙂

In fact, Shoryu had a superb selection of Japanese beer, sake, plum wine and whisky… including 12-year Hakushu! This is the same whisky I bought for my son’s 21st birthday when he was born (it’s a time capsule present).

The meal included a free coaster and some in-game food items that boost EXP and improve your character’s stats temporarily.

Overall, I’m really glad I got to experience this. Thanks for reading, everyone! 🙂

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