Hyper Japan 2019

Once again, I was lucky enough to attend my favourite expo, Hyper Japan!

This celebration of Japanese pop culture is one of the highlights of the year for me 🙂 This year was no exception, with a well designed layout and enough space to ensure a fun day.

Nintendo had a big showing this year. As soon as I arrived, I got to play upcoming Switch titles Super Mario Maker 2 and Pokemon Sword & Shield.

I spent less than five minutes queuing – one of the benefits of going on a Sunday 🙂 Staff were also on hand to advise me on the creation tools for Super Mario Maker 2 (for which I was quite grateful as I had no idea what I was doing!)

I also got a chance to try an 8-player battle on Super Smash Bros, which was pure hectic fun! Although I already play this at home with my wife, we’ve not had an opportunity to experience the 8-player mode before.

I left a message of good luck for hosting the Olympics next year and received this rather lovely pin badge.

There was some beautiful and rather artistic merchandise on sale.

Including some plushies!

The food court was (wisely) separated from the main area and I got to try a lot of free samples of food and drink, including vegan sushi, gyoza, green tea croquettes, sake, rose wine and beer.

There was a private cinema room showing screenings of anime, so I checked some Attack on Titan when I needed a rest. My favourite discovery, however, was watching a band called Kuni-Ken perform on the live stage.

I’d never heard of them before but they sounded great! Their music was a blend of traditional Japanese acoustics with contemporary metal, which isn’t something I come across every day.

I also randomly encountered some fellow players of Final Fantasy XIV, who recognised my t-shirt and came over to chat 🙂

I couldn’t return home without a few gifts for the family. When a father promises his son he’ll get him a Pikachu plushy, he must get him a Pikachu plushy. It’s our duty!

The nibbles and bath bomb are for my wife. Overall, it’s a lovely little haul that didn’t break the bank 🙂

Hyper Japan is 10 years old this year and has been my favourite expo for quite a while now. Here’s to another 10 years!

Thanks for reading, folks 🙂

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