The Real Neat Blog Award

Hello, readers!

I’ve been nominated by fellow blogger Bizarre Brunette for the Real Neat Blog Award. She writes about a variety of interesting topics so do check out her blog. My sincerest thanks for the nomination!

Here are the questions she posed…

1) If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?

Jeff Cannata. He’s most well known for his podcasts and is generally a positive influence in a world of cynicism. I’d love nothing more than to just sit and chat to him about games, films, D&D, and balancing hobbies with parental responsibilities. You can check out his Twitter here.

2) What’s your favourite podcast you’re listening to right now?

The SlashFilmCast! Hosted by David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Jeff Cannata, this weekly podcast dives into the world of films and TV. They review all sorts of things, from obscure indie darlings to big budget blockbusters. If you like movies, I really recommend checking out the podcast here.

3) What’s your favourite part about being a geek?

Hmmm it’s hard to articulate. I grew up in a time when being geeky was a bad thing. It was social suicide at school to mention your passion for video games or Star Trek. But the world has changed. Us geeks grew up and now we’re the ones creating content and demanding films and games of higher quality. It’s okay to express our geekiness these days, and that’s just wonderful 🙂

If I told my younger self that a Marvel Cinematic Universe could even exist, let alone be decent and popular, I never would have believed it. In terms of entertainment, we live in a great time.

4) What’s the latest game you’ve gotten into?

Persona 5. It’s a JRPG in which you confront horrible individuals who create a negative influence on people and society at large. By entering their hearts (metaphorically, not physically) you fight their inner demons and darkest inner desires to emotionally reform them in the real world. It’s basically what I wish we could do to certain politicians 😛

5) What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People who don’t pay attention to where they’re going.

6) What’s a series you hate, but everyone else loves?

Hmmm I can’t think of a series I hate. But I’m indifferent to Game of Thrones. My attempts at watching it left me with the impression it was written by horny 15-year old boys. “Violence and tits! Yeah boyz!”

But many critics laud the show, including the esteemed Jeff Cannata, so it seems like I just never gave the show a fair chance.

7) What’s your favourite hobby? (besides looking at a screen)

Playing with my son! It’s weird to consider that a hobby, but the only other thing I can think of is exercise… and I’m not doing that nearly as much as I used to due to various reasons.

So those are my answers! Now I get to nominate some bloggers I enjoy reading.


Dlslaughter1, And Baby Makes 3

Rose, Wretched and Divine

Lightning Ellen


No pressure here, folks! I know how busy you are so participate only if you want to 🙂

Here are my questions.

1) Is there something specific you look forward to doing each day?

2) Is there a hobby that you enjoy at home but don’t tell your peers for fear of embarrassment?

3) What place have you always dreamed of visiting?

4) Is there a song or movie that reduces you to tears?

5) If you could learn the answer to one mystery or conspiracy in history, what would it be?

Thanks for reading, folks! 🙂

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