Out of the Frying Pan

Stay cool, readers! Chances are you have just gotten through an astonishing heatwave (or possibly still living in one).

Last week, London experienced the most intense heatwave I can recall in my life.

It was three days long and it got intense at some points. As my wife is heavily pregnant, we opted to stay indoors as much as we could. Windows were only opened in the morning when the air was still relatively cool… then we shut them to keep the hot air out (and shut the curtains to block out the sunlight).

This was the most effective method, although it still got pretty hot!

Here are some random pictures I took during the heatwave. Funnily enough… they are all of cold drinks!

Blended ice and strawberry slushy.

Blended ice and watermelon slushy.

Drinking cold beer and ditching clothes. Don’t judge me… it was 36 degrees at this point 😛

More cold drinks!

We appear to be past the peak of it now. The temperature has settled to a far more favourable 20s and has brought with it some much needed rain to wash away the humidity.

As always, it’s remarkably good for the soul to fall asleep to the calming sound of rain.

If you experienced a heatwave the I hope you all managed to stay cool! Thanks for reading, folks 🙂

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