Level Up – 38

Today I turned 38 years old.

The last 12 months have been interesting to say the least. On one hand, it has been a sobering year full of negativity and stress. But on the other hand it has been a year of happiness and joy shared with loved ones.

As always, life has it’s ups and downs. Life is a rollercoaster (just gotta riiiiiiide it). So what have I been up to today, besides quoting Ronan Keating?

Not too much to be honest. With our second baby due any day now, it was inadvisable to plan a social gathering. However my wife Elle treated me by taking me to a lovely Japanese cafe called Cafe Mori in Wimbledon.

This was lovely! The calm zen engulfs you as soon as you enter the cafe and the range of sweet treats on offer were wonderful.

We went for matcha lattes, which were creamy and delicious… although so rich that I couldn’t finish mine!

This was accompanied by a matcha vanilla cake and a matcha roll, both of which tasted sublime.

And of course, I found some time for a bit of gaming.

My online buddies on Final Fantasy XIV bought me a couple of in-game items that are very hard to obtain – I was very grateful for that!

And I received some online currency from Nintendo to spend on their e-shop.

Elle bought me this new Switch game.

It has already proven useful for keeping me entertained when my son Zack dozed off in the back of the car.

(Don’t worry… we were parked outside the house).

Additionally Elle bought me a book on whisky tasting and an array of mixers for my collection of whisky. The most interesting ones are these new colas…

Unlike normal Coke, these are far less sweet and fizzy. The smoky and woody ones in-particular were excellent when I tried them with bourbon.

Unlike standard cola, these mixers ‘stood back’ and allowed the flavour of the bourbon to shine through. I was genuinely surprised at how good a cola this was! It’s just a shame that these small bottles are £1 a bottle (one bottle provides one or two servings). But if you’re into whisky with mixers, I’d say it’s absolutely worth it 🙂

In the evening we got some takeaway pizza.

I also got some nice gifts 🙂

I look forward to spending my vouchers unwisely!

Thanks for reading, everyone 🙂

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