Welcome to the World Part II

On Saturday 10th August, we had a new addition to our family… a beautiful girl called Robyn.

Things at the hospital went very differently than our first time. With our first child, the final stage of labour involved two solid hours of pushing, which was nothing less than a Herculean feat by my wife.

This time, when the contractions began, they accelerated so quickly that Elle nearly had the baby in the ward. It was honestly like a scene from Grey’s Anatomy.

Midwife: We’ll try to move you to the labour ward but I’m going to stay here just in case. It’s better to have the baby here than in the corridor.

Me: You mean the baby’s coming now?

Midwife: Yes she’s coming right now… maybe right here.

They managed to get a wheelchair for Elle and then we whisked her away down the hall to a delivery room in what I can only describe as a human convoy… two people to hold the doors open, one to pull the wheelchair, one walking in front of Elle and me standing beside her counting her off with the up-breathing.

Since things moved so quickly, Elle had no pain relief in her except two pills of co-codamol. Fortunately they managed to give her some gas and air in the delivery room but at this point the final stage of pushing was already well underway (and I have the teeth marks in my hand to prove it) πŸ˜…

In the end, we had a healthy baby girl and a tired and happy mother πŸ™‚

As before, I was incredibly proud of Elle. Witnessing firsthand the power and courage required for childbirth, it’s astonishing to me that anyone still thinks of women as the weaker sex in this day and age.

The only negative thing about the expediency of labour was that we weren’t able to use our hypno-birthing plan. We had brought with us a bluetooth speaker, some flameless tea lights, and some scented room spray to create a relaxed ambience to keep mummy calm and relaxed during labour.

All of that went out the window. The best I was able to manage was playing the calming music on my phone in my pocket while I was supporting Elle through the contractions. But I think that even this music helped us both as we’d heard it so much beforehand that our brain associated it with peace and calm.

For anyone interested in hypno-birthing, we used this.

All the positive affirmations of this plan may have actually helped to create a quick labour… it involves a lot of emotional and mental preparation in the months leading up to birth. I’ve spent each night performing readings and massages for Elle to encourage a more relaxing and comfortable labour.

In any case, we were both delighted at the successful delivery of our beautiful baby girl.

I also got to try some gas and air again (I regret nothing!) πŸ˜›

We had to stay in the hospital overnight for observation but we’ve been kept very comfortable in our own private room.

We ended the day with a little toast.

We’re looking forward to going home and continuing our life as a family. In the meantime, thanks for reading folks! πŸ™‚

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