The Sunshine Blogger Award – 2019

Hello, readers!

I have been nominated by Amanda Hurych for this so many thanks! I quite enjoy reading and writing these types of posts when they do the rounds on WordPress πŸ™‚

I have to answer the following 11 questions she has posed for me, then nominate 11 other bloggers with 11 of my own questions. Perhaps easier said than done πŸ˜› In any case, here are my answers.

1) Have you ever hated a food intensely only to like it later on? If so, what?

Wagamamas. I really disliked my first eating experience at this Japanese restaurant, but when my wife (girlfriend at the time) took me back, for some reason I really enjoyed it. My love affair with Wagamamas began soon after!

2) What books do you like that have yet to be turned into a movie?

Fallen Dragon by Peter F. Hamilton. This would be very hard to adapt and would probably work best as a mini-series on Netflix or Amazon Prime, where people are free to create things without the mandate of sticking to mainstream conventions.

3) If you could pick any animal to have as a pet (and let’s assume that it is willing and well-trained), what would it be? Yes, it can be a fantasy creature.

A pet moogle from Final Fantasy XII πŸ™‚ These little fuzzy creatures are adorable and highly intelligent.

4) What is your go-to TV show when you just want to put something on in the background?

How I Met Your Mother. I relate to so much of what the characters go through in that show. I’ve seen every episode multiple times, with the exception of the clumsy final season (let’s not get into that!)

5) What movie can you quote from the most?

Oooof! Probably 50 different movies equally. I can’t actually think of one now – the quotes just pop up naturally in conversation πŸ˜›

6) If you had a morning with absolutely nothing demanding your attention, what would you love to be doing?

Oh god, playing video games! I would love to have a relaxing breakfast and log onto Final Fantasy XIV for a couple of hours. But this is impossible as I’m also a responsible parent of two children. I don’t ignore anything in order to play games, be it looking after the kids, housework, shopping or any other chores. I always put my responsibilities first.

7) What locations have you travelled to that you would love to go back to?

The water parks at Disney World, Florida. I went there in 2005 and they were utterly amazing!

8) If you were a video game character, what type of game would you love to be the star in? (A platformer, first-person shooter, RTS, etc.)

Actually, none! I don’t like being the star in video games. That sounds odd, as a lot of games have some type of ‘power fantasy’ that lets the player feel important or significant in some way. But honestly, I like being a ‘team support’ player as much as a game will allow me. To paraphrase President Bartlett from The West Wing, I don’t want to be The Guy. I want to be the guy that The Guy counts on.

9) What is your absolute favourite thing about blogging?

The variety! Personal blogs are my favourite type as I can connect with a lot of people when I relate to what they’re going through. But I also read blogs about games, movies, anime, travelling and parenting. Everything is interesting to me πŸ™‚

10) If you had to pick a chair, the floor, or a bed to read on, which would it be?

A nice comfy chair with a flat armrest to keep a hot drink on πŸ™‚

11) Have you ever had a dream about flying, or is this something you’ve never experienced?

Yes! When I was a teenager, I used to have recurring dreams about doing a breast-stroke in mid-air and also being able to jump really far hovering a few feet above the ground.

So those are my answers! And may I compliment Amanda on coming up with such good questions πŸ™‚

Here are the people I’m tagging! I know I’ve tagged some of you just recently, so again… no pressure! Do it only if you feel like it πŸ™‚


Dlsdaughter1, And Baby Makes 3

Rose, Wretched and Divine

Lightning Ellen

Red Metal


Kim, Later Levels

Bizarre Brunette

Lifted Into The World

Dannijane, A Beautiful Thing

Erin, The Girly Geek Blog

And here are your 11 questions.

1) Do you have a favourite movie?

2) What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

3) If you were stranded on an island with only one book to read, which one would it be?

4) If you could learn the answer to any mystery, what would it be? (I’ve asked this before but I like this question!)

5) What restaurant (or home cooked meal) would you recommend to readers?

6) If someone visited the area you live in, what would be the number one main attraction they should see before leaving?

7) What do you most look forward to doing when you get home?

8) Do you have any irrational fears? For example, something that most people would consider harmless?

9) Have you ever had an experience at the cinema that was so memorable that you still remember it fondly?

10) What is your favourite time of the year?

11) Is there any jewellery and/or tattoo you wear that has special meaning to you?

Thanks for reading, folks! πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award – 2019

      1. I know with GBK the sauce flavours etc was different to what I’m used to. Wagas I think it’s cos I went years ago and the food was a bit bland. This was maybe 9 years ago. Plus your tastes can change or adapt to new flavours over time😊 x

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