A Return to EGX

The Eurogamer Expo has long been a beloved annual outing for me. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been in my life.

It has been an excellent opportunity to meet up with friends and share our passion for video games. It is also an excellent chance to get a look at upcoming games we’re excited for.

I haven’t been for the last few years, unfortunately. Boris Johnson had the previous venue, Earl’s Court – a place I’ve cherished since childhood – demolished in favour of building luxury flats that were too expensive to get built. In addition to forcing neighbouring residents to relocate to ‘lifestyle equivalent’ flats and shutting down local businesses who no longer had any customers, this also forced EGX to relocate to Birmingham for a few years.

2019 is the year that sees it return home and I was absolutely thrilled to attend once more!

The main attraction for me was of course hanging out with online buddies I haven’t seen in years (we usually just play online together). However, there were some cool games I got to see… some of which are already out and some of which are still in development.

The show stealers for me were Marvel’s Avengers and the Final Fantasy VII Remake, both of which had production values that utterly blew me away.

Nintendo also had a massive showing there for the Switch.

I got to see Overwatch and The Witcher 3 in action, both of which ran surprisingly well on the little handheld. I also have to say that the Switch Lite is by far the superior version of the console if you mostly play a Switch in handheld mode. I could not believe how much lighter and more comfortable it felt.

Those were the only two games I played, as they only had 5 minute queues. Not surprising, given that both titles have been available on other platforms for several years 😛

Overall, the showfloor was pretty small compared to previous years. I have to admit that was a disappointment. The venue, the ExCel Centre, is far more modern than Earl’s Court and is specifically designed to host multiple shows and expos at once. Yet EGX seemed to have far a better layout at Earl’s Court. Perhaps the event organisers are still just getting used to utilising a new space.

In any case, I had a great time and I’m really glad that I went.

Welcome home, EGX 🙂

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