A Night of Trick or Treating

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has been one of those things I stopped caring about since I was a child. Since we never got a day off school/work for it, it seemed like a largely pointless ‘holiday’ to me.

But ever since becoming a parent and – crucially – moving out of an apartment block to a quiet residential area, I’ve discovered Halloween is another perk of being a parent. It’s a fun day to look forward to with traditional activities to get involved in.

Last year it was a joy to have families knocking on our door. I loved seeing everyone’s costumes and handing out sweets and chocolate to the kids. This year we got to do the same thing 🙂

Elle and I also got into the spirit of dressing up… albeit to a lesser extent. Sometimes simple head accessories suffice!

What I love is how it made me feel old. I realise that may sound odd… most people lament getting old. But I remember looking up to adults when I was a child. I remember thinking grown-ups are the ones in charge. They’re the ones who are able to buy sweets and decide which children get them.

And now here I am on the other side. I’m the grown-up and kids are asking me for sweets. That makes me feel… I don’t know the word… fatherly.

This year, I even took my own son out trick or treating for the first time! He loved the concept and he did pretty well by the end of the evening.

And of course, red wine is the perfect drink for the grown-ups to toast with on.

Overall, it’s been a fun evening. I look forward to many more Halloweens in the future!

Thanks for reading, folks 🙂

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