Random Snippets – November 2019

November seems to be flying by. Each day brings with it new delights of parenthood… combined with the usual challenges of course.

As I write this, I’m sat in the car with my son Zack is fast asleep in the back. He had a rough night due to illness and lack of appetite at dinner time. Fortunately he’s getting some well earned rest now.

Alas… I’m not able to sleep in the car so I’ll simply have to make do with some coffee 😛

Christmas is looming on the horizon. And with it the excitement of sharing the ‘magical season’ with my children.

Zack is almost three years old now, so his awareness is growing more and more. He understands something bright and colourful is going to happen and he is already enjoying seeing twinkling lights and decorations showing up around the shops.

My generous wife picked me up some Christmassy clothes, which I absolutely LOVE!

On the subject of gaming, I’ve also made some much needed additions to my art wall at home.

These are all game/anime inspired and have particularly personal meaning to me… except for Pikachu and Totoro. I just chose them because they look cute 😛

The autumnal weather is slowly creeping towards wintery weather, with temperatures dropping to rather wet and chilly days.

We had some new blinds installed, which have proven to be surprisingly useful at keeping out the cold. Generally speaking, they are intended to block hot sunshine in the summer, but they are definitely having a tangible effect against the cold.

As we move towards the festive season, there have already been several reasons to celebrate among the family… a birthday, an anniversary and even an engagement.

I was glad to finally break open this giant bottle of Prosecco I’d received from a friend. Believe it or not, this monster held three litres!

Talk about getting merry 😅 The journey to Christmas is now underway!

Thanks for reading, folks 🙂

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