The Real Neat Blogger Award – December 2019

I have once again been tagged for this… this time by Red Metal. Thank you for the nomination!

Here are my answers to the questions posed.

1) What is your favourite variety of meat? Or if you don’t eat meat what is your favourite meat substitute?

I do eat meat but I prefer Quorn’s meat substitutes more.

2) If you could permanently remove one installment from a series you like (which would erase its existence from everyone’s memory), which one would you choose?

There’s an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine called Tears of the Prophets that is pretty awful. It demonstrated an incredible misreading of Captain Sisko and hoped that a poorly executed fleet battle would stir up enough excitement to overwrite how badly the story was written. It felt like it was written by someone who had never watched the show.

3) If you lost a bet, would you rather read the worst book, play the worst game, listen to the worst album, or watch the worst film that you know of?

I’d watch the worst film. Games and books would almost certainly be a longer ordeal. And I find it easier to watch films I don’t like than I do to listen to music I don’t like.

4) If you won a bet, what kind of punishment would be in store for your friend?

I once lost a bet to watch a film I didn’t like. I would reciprocate by making them watch the 18-rated three hour edition of Batman v Superman.

5) What is your favourite month of the year?

I’d have to say December! I love Christmas and since having children, I’m determined to reignite the kind of magic I haven’t felt since I was a child.

6) What is a piece of obscure trivia you like to mention during social gatherings?

(Spoilers for Avengers Assemble and Captain America: Civil War)

During the Battle of New York, Hawkeye shot Loki out of the air with an explosive arrow. But my friends missed something cool during Civil War… During the airport fight, Hawkeye fires two of those arrows at Black Panther. As BP’s suit is made of vibranium, he catches both arrows and doesn’t even flinch when they explode in his face. It is easy to miss because it happens while Giant-Man is fighting War Machine and Spider-Man, which is a more interesting encounter to focus on. But this is still a badass moment by Black Panther in my opinion. There’s also a nice follow-on moment in the final battle of Endgame, but I’ll stop for now 😛

7) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? In this hypothetical situation, assume your choice would grant you complete fluency in the area’s official language.

Japan! To live there and be fluent in the language would be a dream come true. I’ve often mused that I was born in the wrong country and that I belong in Japan.

8) What is the longest amount of time you’ve ever driven a car or other vehicle in one sitting?

Three to four hours (I can’t recall the exact amount of time). A few years ago, we got caught in a traffic jam on a motorway while on holiday. We were at a total standstill so we ended up turning off the engine and watching Frasier on my wife’s tablet. It was at least an hour before the traffic started moving again.

9) What is the most annoying fictional character you can think of?

Rico from the game Killzone 2. He’s an overly aggressive idiot who never shuts up and never stops being angry. At one point during the story campaign, he swears four times at a locked door for being locked.

10) What is the most underrated fictional character you can think of?

Benton Fraser from the TV show, Due South. He was basically Captain America before Chris Evans’ Captain America existed. Captain Canada, you could say 😛

11) With the decade coming to a close, would you say this was a good period for films, comics, animation, music, literature, or video games?

Yes! In terms of entertainment, I believe we live in a great time. The quality of TV shows has risen dramatically since I was younger and even thrill-ride blockbusters (some but not all) are being made by people who give a damn about substance as well as spectacle. I grew up in a time when sci-fi and fantasy properties were not considered mainstream. I still find myself in disbelief that the MCU I dreamed of as a kid actually exists now.

Thanks again for the nomination! As I already tagged people for this recently, I’ll forego any specific nominations this time round,. But please feel free to answer these questions yourself and drop a link to your post in the comments below. I’ll happily check it out 🙂

Thanks for reading, folks!

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