4 Year Blogoversary

Hello, readers!

Today, my blog turns four years old.

It’s remarkable to think how much has changed in the last year. With the demise of my career and the arrival of my daughter, 2019 has completely changed my life.

And so I raise a glass to this year.

There have been some dark times and some wonderful times.

Here are my favourite posts of the last 12 months.

Out of the Rat Race

This was a turning point for me this year. It marked an end to the most stressful 16 months of my life. I’m still bitter about the death of my career, but from this point on, my life changed for the better.

Welcome to the World Part II

Speaking of my life changing for the better… my daughter was born in August this year. She has the most beautiful smile and she fills my heart with joy every day.

The Primals

I wrote this post in the midst of my work turbulence. This Japanese metal band became a source of stress-busting comfort during each excruciating day at the office. Their music really helped me cope with all the negativity.

A Requiem for Heroes

My favourite video game, Final Fantasy XIV, reached new heights this year with it’s intelligent and emotional narrative. This story update is particularly memorable to me.

Distant Worlds

This musical performance at the Royal Albert Hall was a night to be remembered. As a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series and it’s music, hearing iconic songs performed live was a remarkable experience.

Avengers Endgame

Endgame was a sublime cinema going experience for me. In my day one screening, the entire audience was packed with fans who were cheering and clapping. It was such a great atmosphere to be a part of and it was an excellent conclusion to multiple character arcs. I still think about how satisfyingly the writers managed to pull off this story, especially compared to other recent blockbusters.

Hyper Japan

This has been my favourite expo for many years now. I always try to attend when I can and this year did not disappoint. You can see what it was like in this post.

So that’s been my last year!

Writing this blog has been helpful for me… not just for remembering what I should be grateful for in my life, but also for processing all the stress and negative thoughts.

2020 really will be a clean slate for me. I have no idea what my life will look like from now on.

But hey… it’s a new decade so perhaps this really is the start of a new chapter in my life.

Thanks for reading everyone and I wish you all a great new year and a great new decade.

Be well.

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