Ramen Time

Ah January.

The coldest, darkest, bleakest of months. How you chill our bones and make us shiver.

Fortunately, I’ve been keeping warm with some delicious hot noodles thanks to my wife’s Christmas present… a subscription to ZenPop.

This delivers a care package of instant ramen to my door, featuring a variety of products that aren’t sold in London (well some are, but they’re hard to find).

You would be forgiven for wondering how good instant noodles can actually be. That’s because the typical Super Noodles and Pot Noodles we find in British supermarkets are fairly poor. However, Asian regions (and particularly Japan) have a thriving instant noodle market thanks to the number of office workers looking for quick, easy and affordable lunches that are actually good. Monitoring that is one of the few things I miss about my old job.

I’ve been delighted to try ZenPop’s variety of ramen products as some of them are absolutely wonderful! In the past I’ve travelled to London’s Japan Centre to buy some of them so getting them delivered to my door is a lovely treat and very convenient.

The website also offers confectionery if that’s your sort of thing. But if all you’re after is some more interesting instant noodle lunches, you can have a ramen-only subscription and I can attest to how great it is.

Thank you to my wife for the lovely gift and thank you ZenPop!

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