Star Trek: Picard

I just finished watching episode one of this new show and felt compelled to write about it.

Spoilers below!

As a huge fan of Star Trek, I was very excited when Picard was announced. Between Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek Discovery and the new trilogy of Star Trek films… the franchise seemed to be obsessed with prequel stories.

While that isn’t a bad thing (I enjoyed some of the above) I am so pleased to finally see something set after the shows I loved… The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

So how was episode one? Great!

First of all, Patrick Stewart is impossibly charming. I doubt he’ll be considered for any kind of award because of the nature of this show, but he deserves one. He is simply wonderful to watch.

The visuals and the musical score combine to give the show a very warm and rich atmosphere. I’ve never wanted to live on a vineyard more than I do right now 😛

The story has an intriguing enough premise that I want to see what happens next.

But crucially, the show proves that Star Trek can still be relevant to modern day social issues. While the new blockbuster films focused on action and comedy, I’ve always felt that Trek is at it’s strongest when exploring issues… be they political, moral or both.

The interview scene is what gripped me the most.

“Tell us, Admiral… why did you really quit Starfleet?”

“Because it was no longer Starfleet.”

We know now that Picard received criticism for a huge logistical effort he made to help Romulan refugees. When a group of synthetic life-forms went rogue and attacked Mars… suddenly all synthetics everywhere were to be feared. Even the unwaveringly likeable Data was brought into question.

Also… Starfleet itself withdrew from it’s humanitarian duties. It refused to help another race and “slunk” away, as Picard describes it.

Any of this sound familiar in our world?

This is the Star Trek I know and love. One that has a great story to tell but also has us looking at ourselves and how we treat each other.

The only criticism I can level at this episode is that the first half feels a lot like an X-Men story. With a little tweaking to the story, you could honestly be watching Charles Xavier helping a frightened young mutant discover her true nature.

Other than that, episode one is an absolute triumph and a strong opener to the series. I genuinely cannot wait for episode two!

Thanks for reading, folks 🙂

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