Homemade Remedies

It’s wonderful what some simple natural remedies can do when you’re ill.

After battling a bad cold for several days, my mum decided to do ‘The Mum Thing’ and drop off homemade ginger tea and chicken broth. I’d told her not to, as I didn’t want her to make the journey just to hand over some soup and tea.

But she’s a mother. She knows no limits. And as a parent myself, I can’t say I blame her. Would I do the same for my children? Of course I would!

I have to admit, the soup and tea worked wonders. I really felt a tangible difference in my mood and health compared to the Lemsip drinks and Heinz chicken noodle soup I’d had until then.


My wife did muse that it could just be a placebo effect, but hey I’ll take whatever effect I can get!
It’s particularly helpful when we’re living in a time when being Asian and coughing in public can earn you a host of dark looks. When I was in Sainsbury’s supermarket the other day, I found myself strolling through the aisles thinking “Don’t cough, don’t cough, don’t cough.”

Parents… the good ones will always be there for you 🙂

Thanks, Mum!

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