Tales from a Lockdown

My family and I have been staying home for over a week now due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the UK has officially been in lockdown for three days following a statement by the prime minister, Boris Johnson. What do I mean by official? Basically, the police are now authorised to disperse public gatherings and tell them to go home.

It is no longer a choice.

Frankly, I’m glad. I wish I didn’t feel that way, believe me. But there is a depressingly large number of people who still don’t understand how social distancing helps or simply don’t care how it helps. Either way, that’s bad.

People’s selfishness and ignorance are never more obvious than during a visit to the supermarkets.

Amid the numerous shortages of supplies… I also ran out of beer (dun dun dunnnnn) 😛

Fortunately, my sister-in-law made a generous supply drop!

In spite of the panic buyers and the outdoor partyers, my family and I are determined to be smart, safe and responsible. We’re finding ways to keep the children entertained at home. Fortunately, we have a garden and that’s an enormous help.

I can only imagine how hard it must be for families living in tiny accommodation.

The lockdown has been accompanied by an unusual burst of sunshine, so we’ve been able to hang the laundry outside for a change.

While still feeling cold, the sunshine has been providing a nice mood to wake up to each morning. It has been especially nice during the walk we’re allowed to take each day.

The lockdown also happened to coincide with the UK launch of the streaming service, Disney Plus.

I’m certain people across the UK are hammering this right now. The catalogue of shows and films is vast, including even little-known shows like the Spider-Man cartoon from the 90s that my wife and I watched when we were growing up.

So that’s how we’re coping with the lockdown. The UK will remain in this state for three weeks. For now, we’re hunkered down and venturing into public areas only for essential food shopping.

Which of course includes… beer! 😛

Stay safe, folks ❤

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