A World on Pause

The UK lockdown has been extended.

To be honest, I’m not surprised and I doubt many people are. Seeing the situation develop across the UK and other parts of the world means a longer lockdown was a safe bet.

It feels like life is on pause. Sports, concerts, conventions and even the Olympics have been either cancelled or post-poned. What has affected me the most, however, are the personal consequences.

I was supposed to be in a new job right now. My son Zack was supposed to be starting nursery. I had even been selected for jury service, which is something I’ve been hoping for my entire adult life.

I really think I would have loved it. I know many people look at jury duty as a boring chore but I would have treated it seriously… as an opportunity to serve society in a meaningful way.

Still, there’s little point in filling my thoughts with regret. As I so often try to do, I am focusing on the positives. I and my family are safe and healthy. I am also helping to protect other members of the family by doing essential food shopping for three households.

That is arduous and time consuming, but it’s also a positive thing and I’m glad I can at least contribute something to helping loved ones.

It’s strange to think that one day my children will ask me what life was like during this pandemic. They’ll come home from school and say “Today, we learned about this in history.”

Strange days. Unprecedented times.

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