Holding Steady

Lockdown Day 38.

My family and I continue to stay home to help limit the spread of the corona virus. Fortunately it’s easy to wake up each day when the sun is shining, which it has been rather a lot lately.

My wife and I have been finding more and more ways to keep our children entertained. Here are some snippets of what we’ve been up to.

Making a car out of a cardboard box.

Conducting an experiment on how dishwashing liquid affects food colouring.

Having an indoor picnic in the living room while video calling family and friends.

Having an egg hunt in the garden for Easter weekend.

Making a child-friendly curry kit.

Building various car or train tracks to play with.

Various arts and crafts.

It’s a busy time. We also try to get our son out and about for his daily walk, although he’s not always willing. That’s a bit problematic, as a toddler his age needs to burn off energy. It’s just a healthy part of their natural development. Otherwise they end up bouncing off the walls and – incidentally – us.

Still, I remain positive about the whole thing… or at least as positive as anyone can be given the pandemic.

Something positive is that the weekly food shop has gotten easier. Supermarkets have figured out measures to ensure the aisles are not too crowded and that nobody overbuys things they don’t need to, thus depriving others. I even managed to book a click-and-collect slot after 30 days of trying, which was a huge help.

Another positive note is that the ‘Clap for the NHS’ initiative has become a weekly event, with people all over the country applauding the effort of our hardworking carers at 8pm every Thursday.

As bad as things are out there, hearing the applause echo around my local area still gives me hope.

Stay safe, everyone ❤

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