What I’ve Been Watching – Lockdown Edition

Lockdown Day 48

Since the middle of March, the days at home have been busy. My wife and I are doing our best to keep a toddler entertained while caring for a baby who is experiencing some rather painful teething.

There are times, however, when we manage to watch something together on the couch after the children have gone to sleep. Or I’ll simply sacrifice sleep to watch something late into the hours (a trick that all my years of late night gaming have prepared me for).

Here’s what I’ve been watching over the last couple of months.

Kingdom Season 2 (Netflix)

If ‘a zombie outbreak in feudal Korea’ doesn’t spark your interest, avoid this like the zombie plague. If it does, then you need to check this out! The second season improves upon the first in every single way. The story is more focused, the script is sharper, and the connections between characters have been established so character drama is more tense.

On top of that, the action is excellent. Some of the set-pieces are gobsmacking. And not only are the battles well choreographed, but they are so beautifully shot that the show manages to look visually gorgeous, even amid all the blood and gore.

The only critique I can think of is that – unfortunately – it squanders the final 10 minutes trying to justify the need for a third season. The story reaches a natural conclusion and I think it would have been perfect to end it there. That being said, if Netflix does approve a third season, I will happily tune in! This is a show that deserves far more attention than it’s getting.

Star Trek: Picard (Amazon Prime)

I wrote some thoughts on this when it first started. Now I’ve finally finished it and I have to say I really loved it. The season floundered a little in the middle but started and ended strongly. As I’ve said before, comedy and entertainment are great, but the best Trek manages to convey messages of compassion, tolerance and understanding amid all the action.

I particularly look forward to re-watching the first and last episodes.

The Mandalorian (Disney Plus)

My wife and I have been enjoying this more than either of us anticipated. The tone and visual style perfectly fits a show of this kind… following a bounty hunter through the grubbier parts of the Star Wars universe with a new story each week.

Some of the shots are gorgeous and I have trouble finding the seams in the CG landscapes. I actually remarked to my wife that I loved how much of this was filmed outdoors because it gave it such an ‘earthy feel’ so you can imagine how shocked I was when I learned it was all filmed indoors.

Although it’s thin on plot, I love the ‘job of the week’ structure and some of the action sequences are expertly directed.

Frozen 2 (DVD & Blu-Ray)

I’m glad I got to view this outside of the tidal wave of hype surrounding it. I entered the viewing experience with zero expectations and came away feeling it was a very well conceived film. While most Disney sequels feel a bit pointless (besides making Disney more money) I feel like Frozen 2’s story enhances the first film to make a more complete world overall.

I may have sung Into The Unknown all throughout the following day, however official sources have been unable to confirm this >.>

21 Bridges (Amazon Prime)

I was eager to watch this simply because I love Chadwick Boseman in the MCU. Here he plays a cop hunting down a couple of murderers in Manhattan. The film is competent enough, but otherwise forgettable. I’d recommend it only if you haven’t seen a police chase film in a long time.

Extraction (Netflix)

Like 21 Bridges, this was from the minds of The Russo Brothers featuring an Avenger actor. All the marketing for this told me to avoid it. I genuinely thought I would hate it as a hollow vehicle of ‘white GI Joe versus all the brown people.’ But it managed to actually utilise the location and supporting cast with respect.

The action sequences demonstrate an ouroboros of being inspired by video games that themselves were inspired by movies (such as Call of Duty). There is one sequence that is presented as a one-shot that is impressively accomplished. It’s a mindless action film, of course. But if you’re in the mood for that, you could do far worse than Extraction.

So that’s what I’ve been watching! Feel free to share any comments – thanks for reading, folks ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching – Lockdown Edition

  1. I agree completely about The Mandalorian! Lovely to look at, but thin on actual plot. It reminded me of a broody western – not much dialogue, lots of panning shots across the landscape and the occasional gunfight! That said, I hope they follow it up with a second season. Happy to just sit back and let it wash over me…

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  2. Glad you’ve had time to catch up on movies/shows๐Ÿ˜Š When my work schedule is normal I rarely get to watch anything but we’ve watched Twin, The Nest, Masterchef๐Ÿ˜‚ Lots more tv than normal x

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