Final Fantasy Corner

Lockdown Day 52.

At night time, after the kids have gone to sleep, I enjoy booting up the PS4 and entering the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Here are some of my favourite screenshots during my playtime.

A pathway lined with cherry blossoms.

My character in what I like to call ‘cyborg samurai’ gear.

Sadly… it doesn’t prevent me from getting stomped against some of the larger enemies in the game 😛

My character in new high-level gear, generously crafted by a member of my Free Company.

The TV room in our Free Company house, initially designed for watch parties for Star Trek Picard.

Having a relaxing moment while mining materials out in the field.

Playing PVP over the Christmas period (hence the Santa outfit).

Trains don’t scare me! (For those who are curious… I died seconds later) 😛

“Dear WordPress followers. We still haven’t found any monsters on this expedition… sooooo boring.”

Having a cruise with some FC buddies.

And finally… an inspiring word from the game’s director.

In the FFXIV community, we refer to him as Yoshi P and we love him!

Thanks for reading, folks 🙂 Stay home and stay safe ✌

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