A Cup of Salvation

Lockdown Day 64.

At least… it is for us. After half-baked instructions from the government, half the population is continuing to stay in lockdown while the other half is socialising with friends and crowding into coffee shops and parks.

All I can do is focus on my own conduct. My family and I are still not socialising with others and I’m the only one of us doing the weekly food shopping while taking the usual precautions.

Okay… maybe not precautions that extreme 😛

The weather has been warming up so I decided to shed myself of all hairy nonsense. I both look and feel like a new man after a haircut and a shave!

What I’m really happy about, though, is our new coffee machine.

I can’t believe we’ve gotten through three years of parenting without a decent coffee machine. This is an absolute delight!

My wife got a great deal for the machine and a whole bunch of coffee pods for a total of £49.99.

It does a range of hot and cold drinks, most of which are excellent.

Flat White

Cold Brew

Marrakech Green Tea

Vanilla Latte Macchiato

These are just a few of the selection we have. It has also been fun to play around with some custom made combos 😛

My wife purchased a storage draw for the coffee pods for extra convenience (and fortunately Nescafe provided a special bag for sending discarded pods to them for recycling).

Man I love coffee! 🤗

Thanks for reading, folks!

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