End of Lockdown

After 108 days, the UK lockdown is (essentially) coming to an end on the 4th July.

Technically, the lockdown has already been been eased back in recent weeks. But with workplaces, retail shops and pubs re-opening it now feels more concrete. There is also now more freedom for households to interact with each other again and even more workplaces are restarting.

Since the 18th of March, my family and I have been isolating at home as much as possible. We’ve also adhered to social distancing guidelines while venturing outside. However, many people have been brazenly violating the rules and putting the public at risk.

It’s naive to assume that July 4th will simply be the end of it all. The virus is still very much a threat and a lot of the decisions being made by the government to ease lockdown restrictions are financially motivated. Even now, the risk of a second wave looms above us all. So I don’t really see our personal lives changing much after the 4th July compared to how we’re living now.

Nevertheless, the ability to take our children out and at least do some socially distanced activities will be incredibly welcome. I would have written an entire post on the difficulties of caring for an energetic pre-schooler in a lockdown… but I just didn’t have the heart to post about my own stresses.

Not after witnessing the brutal murder of George Floyd.

Since the last time I posted, much of America descended into what – at times – may as well have been a civil war. While the news media smoothed out the rough edges, the unvarnished truth of what was happening on the streets were all over Twitter. The videos I saw of unprovoked police brutality across multiple states were absolutely sickening. It was unbridled evidence of institutional racism, no longer lurking in the shadows and energised by corruption stemming right from the top.

I’ll admit I was reduced to tears on a couple of nights.

Even now, I don’t have the heart to fully express myself on here. I can only hope that our fellow brothers and sisters in America win their pursuit for honesty, transparency, justice and freedom. Because that’s what this has become now… a united effort to hold a corrupt government accountable for it’s atrocities.

That’s all I’m going to say on that for now.

No matter where you live or your circumstances, I’m sure 2020 has been a difficult year for you so far. Perhaps you’ve had friends or family affected by the protests. Perhaps you’ve lost someone you care about to Covid-19. Perhaps the lockdown has prevented treatments and medical appointments, or perhaps you’ve lost a job because of it.

There are numerous ways this has affected all of us. All I can say is what I’ve said before during dark times… We are all one race on one world. We have to take care of each other. Love is the best thing we do. Not hatred. Not war. Not judgement. And if there’s anything that’s going to walk us out of this mess, it’s compassion, not more cynicism.

“Think about what you put out into the world and make it a better place.” Jeff Cannata

Thank you for reading, folks. Be well.

5 thoughts on “End of Lockdown

  1. Lockdown has essentially ended here too but I still stay inside. Cases have been rising every day and we’re about to be hit with a Wave 2. It seems that a lot of people have “forgotten” about it but the good thing is that public transit and most stores now require a mask. I wonder when it’ll truly end. :/ Schools will be opening soon, which is another concerning thing.

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