Masks, Grass, Baking and Games

The UK slowly continues to open itself back up after the lockdown. The message is now very much about ‘getting back out there’ and ‘doing what you love safely.’

Sadly, I don’t hold much confidence in the public at large to adhere to the safety guidelines. But I will hold myself to them, no matter how small an effect it has.

Recently, we’ve been able to enjoy some fun activities. Here are a few snippets.We’ve met with our friends in the park a couple of times.

The weather was clement and it was really great to see the kids playing around outside.

We have laid down artificial grass and a new patio in our garden.

While I can’t claim this was ‘fun’ to do, it has been the perfect time and opportunity to get this done. I suspect a lot of people have also used this time at home to finally do little DIY projects (we also finished painting the bathroom ceiling).

My wife and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.

Sadly, we weren’t really able to do much beyond ordering a takeaway. But I always welcome any occasion that lets us pop open a bottle of bubbly.

On chilly and rainy days, we have been doing some baking.

Because what child doesn’t love the idea of getting messy in a mixing bowl and then enjoying some cookies warm from the oven?

Finally, I did a video game livestream to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

It was part of an initiative called Geek Out For GOSH. I’m delighted to say I smashed my £100 target to raise a total of £250!

The stream was more fun and more successful than I could have hoped and it felt incredibly good to be able to do something like this again!The only downside was how tired I was the following day.

Totally worth it 😛

Thanks for reading, folks! Stay safe out there 😷✌️

9 thoughts on “Masks, Grass, Baking and Games

    1. Yeah it’s fun, isn’t it? 🙂 I’ve gotten back into it because of the charity event and I’m rally enjoying it! Even with just a few viewers, it becomes a social gaming thing… Kind of like watch parties but with games. Play Parties, I guess you could call them 😛

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