A Walk Through the Lavender Fields

I visited Mayfield Lavender Farm the other day.

This wasn’t something I was even aware of, but my wife suggested it as an outdoor place for the children to enjoy.

She was absolutely right.

Although busy, the fields are so openly spaced out that maintaining social distance from other visitors was a breeze.

And speaking of breeze, words can’t describe what a beautiful scent the breeze carried. Every time I was hit with a gentle wind, the lavender aroma was wonderful.

Beneath a blue sky and fluffy white clouds, it was a lovely breath of fresh air.

My son loved running though the different rows of lavender, looking for gaps in the hedges to pass through.

After a nap, my daughter also enioyed it.

While you’re not allowed to pick any lavender, it’s still a lovely outing for only £4 entry per adult. For a respite from the world, I’d highly recommend a stroll among the lavender.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

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