Too Much of a Good Thing

For the first time since March, I used public transport today.

Nothing unusual about that, of course… At least not until the pandemic hit.

Even before the government instituted a lockdown back in March, I was self-quarantining at home with my family. I didn’t actually realise how much I would miss trains.

That thought alone made me stop and think. Me? Missing trains?

If you were to scroll over some of my posts from 2 or 3 years ago, you would probably discover multiple posts with me being worn down by the daily grind of commuting. Train Life, as I used to call it.

But as I stepped off a comfortably empty train at London Waterloo today and looked up at the spacious interior of the terminus, I was suddenly struck by what a pleasant journey I was having.

I like trains. And London has one of the most comprehensive transport systems in the world. While I did always try to stay mindful of this, inevitably there would be times when the daily grind would get me down and I find myself loathing my journeys.

Ultimately, trains are great. But needing to use them every day is what spoils them. Too much of a good thing. Especially when crowds prevent you from sitting or even standing comfortably.

My journeys today have been wonderful (save for my agitated children). It feels like it has been so long since I last used the trains. I’m glad I had this opportunity to remember how much I enjoyed them when not being forced to use them all the time.

Stay safe folks and thanks for reading 🙂✌️

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