Bleak Times

What can I say?

The state of the world and society in continues to deteriorate. Crimes against humanity continue to be committed by US authorities, the UK government continues to blunder their way through the Covid-19 pandemic, the inevitable second wave has struck us and new lifestyle restrictions are in effect.

Summer has faded. Now comes the cold rainy windy season and illness alongside it. I find myself lacking the motivation to post anything these days. Not due to any kind of writer’s block, but simply due to the state of the world. My heart sinks when I check social media to see what else has happened while I was asleep.

Asleep is a flexible word, of course, when you have young children. I can’t honestly recall the last time my wife and I got a decent night’s rest. Even my son, who had become great at sleeping all through the night, has now reverted. This pairs with exacerbated tantrums and emotional mood swings the likes of which I have never seen.

I fully expect our neighbours to call Social Services any day now with the way he screams and yells. Still, all the information online assures me this is normal for his stage of development. Everyone warned us about ‘The Terrible Twos’ but what they failed to mention was that they were a piece of cake compared to ‘The Terrible Threes.’

And so I end this brief update on my life with a dour tone. I’m sick, sleep deprived, still unemployed, and worried about the next six months of restrictions we face. Christmas is going to be interesting…

Take care, everyone. Please consider others by keeping your distance and wearing a mask. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Bleak Times

  1. It’s grim, there’s no denying it. Especially as we leave summer behind and face into the dark and cold of a London winter. I can only say it’s more important than ever for us all to look out for each other and search for those glimmers of joy and moments of pleasure among the sadness. Take care!

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  2. The less we have, the more we realize how we’ve taken certain things for granted. It’s a harsh reality out there.
    Find things to be grateful for and you’ll be on a happier path before you know it. Sending lots of good vibes! There is still good in the world. The evil just demands too much of our attention. β™₯️

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