Christmas Game Therapy

Lockdown 3: Day 3

There is much to be said for the solace and comfort provided by Final Fantasy XIV.

Not only is it a rich and vibrant world to immerse yourself into, but every December the game’s major city-states shine with the warm glow of festive decorations.

It’s common to see players running around dressed in Santa outfits. I’m quite fond of mine to be honest 🙂

You can also decorate your homes if you so wish. I actually keep my apartment Christmassy all year round because I love how warm and cosy it feels.

One of our more talented FC members gave the communal house a makeover, featuring an outdoor Christmas market.

The dining room also exudes a cosy Christmas vibe.

Yes, the real world is still a mess. And while I’m not usually one to use games as a retreat from real life, I feel that it’s absolutely justified right now.

I hope whatever your hobbies are, they provide you with some release and comfort during these dark times.

Take care, everyone. And if you can, have a merry Christmas 🙂✌️

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