A Grey July

This week has been a fairly normal one in personal terms. The weather over London has been its usual mix of grey clouds, chilly winds, and spells of rain. We had some occasional spells of sunshine here and there, but nothing you could call a hot summer. Its not so bad, though. Rain mixed with sunshine leads … More A Grey July

The London Grind

If karma exists, it doesn’t like how relaxed I was last week. It has taken no time at all for life to revert back to the grey, windy, rain-soaked grind of everyday life. This week has seen a combination of crap decisions at work, late hours at the office, crowded angry commutes, and awful weather conditions that have soaked London in heavy rain, cold … More The London Grind

Work and Play

This week has been a fairly standard one – work and play. The warm weather that recently blessed London was as fleeting as I predicted, and we’ve had nothing but grey skies and cold winds ever since. Fortunately I did manage to squeeze in one outdoor run before the sunshine left us. This was nice as I went to … More Work and Play