A Grey July

This week has been a fairly normal one in personal terms. The weather over London has been its usual mix of grey clouds, chilly winds, and spells of rain. We had some occasional spells of sunshine here and there, but nothing you could call a hot summer. Its not so bad, though. Rain mixed with sunshine leads … More A Grey July

Civil Weekend

Happy May Day – its the bank holiday weekend! With three days off work for the price of two, Elle and I didn’t waste any time enjoying this weekend. Friday night kicked off with me going to see Captain America: Civil War. I read this series of comic books years ago and loved it. I’m … More Civil Weekend

The Joys of Aqua

Yesterday, my wife and I attended another Aqua class at our gym. This is a 45 minute session of water aerobics involving stretches, running, jumping and lifting with underwater weights. I really love this class, as it feels like you’re having fun splashing around in a pool when you’re actually having a great workout for … More The Joys of Aqua

Easter Weekend

It has been a great weekend spent with family and eating chocolate goods! That includes a chocolate flavoured Avengers cereal (another childish guilty pleasure for me). Like Christmas Day, Elle and I decided to spend half of Easter Sunday with my parents and the other half with her parents. This works out well for us … More Easter Weekend

Destiny, Gym & The City

This week has consisted of working, exercising, playing games, and meeting friends. My commute to work has been nicer than usual due to infrequent (yet greatly appreciated) doses of sunshine. Its fascinating how quickly sunshine can brighten my mood. And its really nice to see the usually grey skyline of London looking bright and cheerful. … More Destiny, Gym & The City